Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Holy Grails - LOEB - 1/6 Scale Heat figures of Deniro and Kilmer

While I just discovered the League of Extraordinary Bloggers, there was one specific topic that caught my attention. What is the holy grail that I need for my collection. I would have to say it was something that I should have grabbed when they were on sale for $99, but then have never seen them again, even on Ebay. The 1/6 scale Dr. Figures "Heat" collection. Robert Deniro and Val Kilmer's characters were recreated by Dr. Figures. They came with a great assortment of equipment. The figures are dressed in their suits when they rob the bank in daylight in LA. I loved this movie. It was long and at times plodding, but the more I saw it, the more I grew to appreciate it. Another set was later released, with Deniro and Kilmer dressed in body armor when they use the ambulance and truck to rob an armored car. They also wore ski masks. Once again, no matter how often I look at Ebay, they never pop up. There are customers of Deniro but I want the box and accessories as well.

Apologies to for using the pictures. Can't find any other good photos.

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