Monday, July 15, 2013

KREO GI Joe Collection

So I always liked the GI Joe: Real American Hero franchise as well as LEGOs. Recently, Hasbro started the LEGO-like KREO sets using the GI Joe theme.

The sets, ranging from small to large include:

Checkpoint Alpha with Firefly and Law & Order
Ninja Temple Battle with Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow and two red ninjas
Dragonly XH-1 Helicopeter with Wild Bill and Cobra Glider/Pilot
Serpent Armor Strike with Clutch and Cobra Robot Pilot
Cobra Armored Assault with Flint and two Cobra troopers.
Thunderwave Jet Boat with Cutter, Stalker, and Moray Eel
Battle Platform Attack with Duke, Roadblock, Cobra Commander

Individual blind packs can also be purchased which is how I got Scarlett, Rock N Roll, and GI Joe commander with actual fuzzy hair.

The sets are cheaper than LEGO. The mini-figures take some getting used to cause....well, they just aren't LEGO, but I've grown to appreciate them. The articulation is fantastic. They are a lot of fun.

Anyway, this set up includes the Dragonfly, Battle Platform, and Cobra Armored Assault vehicle.

Yo Joe!

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  1. I've been wanting to pick some of these up for a while now. Every single time I visit my local TRU, though, the blind-bag figures are sold out.

    Awesome collection and great pics!