Wednesday, January 18, 2017

National Book Month - Day 18 - Figure Fantasy - The Pop Culture Photography of Daniel Picard

Every time I buy a toy, this is what I dream of - fun dioramas. Well, Daniel Picard made that dream into a reality. Figure Fantasy - sold by Sideshow Toys - is a quality hardcover book in slipcase with great diorama photos of 12 inch Star Wars and Superhero figures made by Sideshow.

The book retails for $22.73 on Amazon.

It is still sold on the Sideshow Toy website for $99.99.

See slides, video and a description here. Forwards and afterwards by Simon Pegg and Kevin Smith, respectively.


Join celebrated photographer Daniel Picard as he explores what his favorite pop culture heroes and villains are up to when they’re not caught in a battle between good and evil. Using fan-favorite sixth scale figures from Sideshow Collectibles, Picard gives a variety of comic book and movie icons a fresh twist, presenting them in life-size environments to create believable scenes and tongue-in-cheek parodies. Available exclusively from, this deluxe hardcover limited collectors edition is showcased in an attractive slipcase, and includes a card of authenticity signed by the photographer, as well as three digitally signed and embossed fine art photo prints. Accompanied by a foreword by Simon Pegg, an afterword by Kevin Smith, and an introduction by Daniel Picard detailing his unique take on pop culture parody, Figure Fantasy is a true treasure for fans, collectors and photographers alike.

Once again, a beautiful hardcover with awesome hardcover slipcase that showcases more photos.

Front of slipcover.

Back of slipcover.

Book front cover.

Book back cover.


  1. This guy is amazing -- talk about a dream job!

    1. No kidding. If I could do that all day for money, that would be nice.