Thursday, January 5, 2017

National Book Month - Day 5 - Ghostbusters Collectibles

This book just came out in late 2016 to coincide with the hype around the new Ghostbusters - 2016 movie as well as the awesome increase in original Ghostbusters collectibles.

I never realized there were so many Ghostbusters action figures during the 80s/90s, as well as other ephemera.

The book can be found on Amazon for around $16.

It's nice to see the new Mattel and Diamond Select action figures being released. Awesome tribute to he blockbuster we all love.

Matt has done a fantastic job putting this guide together.


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    1. I love books like this! It's a great way to feel like you collected all the items in a sense, without having to actually track down and pay for everything.

      I love the GPK book my wife gave me for me birthday, original series 1-5 cards included for $15, can't beat that!

    2. I agree completely. If you don't have the space, time, or money to collect all these, a collection in a book is a great way to go.