Friday, January 13, 2017

National Book Month - Day 13 - Just Can't Get Enough

This is a fun book. The full title is Just Can't Get Enough - Toys, Games, and Other Stuff from the 80s that Rocked by Matthew Robinson and Jensen Karp.

Matthew and Jensen pick out some of the greatest toy lines of the 80s - not just for boys (GI Joe and Star Wars) but also for girls (Strawberry Shortcake, Cabbage Patch Kid). A great description of their legacy and a rating how wickedly and totally awesome they were.

The only complaint about the book is that when they tackle GI Joe and Star Wars, they only select one playset from each - not the entire line like they describe their other selection. But what a playset they choose - the GI Joe USS Flagg seven foot long aircraft carrier, and the Ewok Village playset. Both are awesome. The personal story behind witnessing the actual Flagg at a neighbor's house will crack you up.

The book sells for $6.50 used on Amazon.

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