Wednesday, July 19, 2017


So a few things converged this weekend to result in this Cantina festival.

1. I had been thinking of building a Cantina diorama for awhile. I dug up my cinema scene packs with the bar tables.
2. My best friend (we met in second grade comparing Star Wars figures) visited last weekend with his wife. I took out all my vintage figures and we had a blast looking at all of them.
3. After they left, I pulled out all my loose figures - vintage and new to really get all the cantina creatures. While doing that I actually found two corner pieces for the bar. Forgot I had these. I think one came with Elis Helrot. No idea where the other came from.
4. Set up the diorama, and changed the clientele a few times and threw in a few Easter eggs.



  1. Haha, love the horror figures!

    1. Thanks. So funny how much the Scream guy and Helrot look alike.