Tuesday, July 18, 2017

GI Joe: A Real American Hero - Tank Battle

Many tanks for reading my blog.

When GI Joe: A Real American Hero came out, my first figures were Short-Fuze, Stalker, and Snake-Eyes. I bought the VAMP which came with Clutch. Then my birthday came and I received the HAL with Grand Slam. A late package from relatives in New York arrived...with the MOBAT (Motorized Battle Tank). It was awesome. Steeler was the tank commander.

A used MOBAT is fairly cheap these days. I didn't care if the motorized part still worked. Wanted to build a tank platoon to take on the HISS Tanks of Cobra.


  1. I'm gonna try to do my own canvas background.It looks really cool.

    1. Thanks. I should probably do a forest/jungle one as well to cover all environments.