Saturday, July 29, 2017

Star Wars Black Series Death Squad Commander Vintage Repaint

The Death Squad Commander was always one of my favorites of the original vintage Kenner Star Wars line. Very happy Hasbro made the entire first 12 lineup as their Black Series 6 inch 40th Anniversary set. But did they have to change the uniform color? 

Anyway, a small bottle of Tamiya Dark Sea Grey paint and a paintbrush, and I have my classic DSC for my 6 inch army.

You be the judge. Grey or black or a trick of the lighting?


  1. Star Wars is certainly having (or had) a rather whimper of a 40th Anniversary considering most of us can't find these figures anywhere.

    1. P.S. I've always loved the "sleeping grandpa" pic they chose for the figure.

    2. I preordered everything from BBTS. Have barely seen any 40th out in the wild. Found a Jawa and DSC but that was it. Can't count on the big box stores.

    3. Too funny. Never thought of it as the sleeping grandpa...but yep, that's what he looks like. So is the uniform black or grey?

  2. I saw this guy on the pegs yesterday and thought it was too bad they didn't go with the classic color scheme. Nice job!