Sunday, December 10, 2017

McFarlane NFL - Old School - Brunell and Pennington

These are two old figures I recently picked up. I never had the regular teal uniform version of Brunell during his time as a Jacksonville Jaguar. I also wanted to complete my JETS figures with the green jersey Chad Pennington.

Brunell was from Series 2 and Pennington was from Series 7. Picked them both up for about $3. Obviously, many of these figures haven't kept their value. But, I take them out anyway so that was a bargain.


  1. I can see why people get hooked on collecting these.The sculpts are flawless.The one downfall ,imo,Is the quality of the plastic.I've had some of my figures fall from not such a high distance,and heads and arms come flying off.

    1. Agreed. Great sculpting, but can be delicate. The NBA players are a bummer too because they don't keep their "aerial" pose very well with the different gadgets they've tried to make them look like they are in the air.