Monday, December 4, 2017

Challenge Accepted - No More Online Shopping

I started preordering toys online because many times it was hard to find (or just plain impossible) to find the things I was looking for at the store. Eventually I would find them but months later. So I preordered - certain I would receive what I wanted, and fairly near release.

It got too easy. Click - click - click - preorder. My wallet felt the pain as well.

So I challenged myself to buy only things I could find in a store. It would make the hunt that much more fun - which I missed. 

The only thing that remains on Pre-Order is the Gentle Giant 12 inch Kenner retro figure of Luke in Stormtrooper disguise.

So far, I like the challenge. I've found some things in the store that I wasn't expecting.

Stranger Things Eleven and Sheriff Hopper from McFarlane toys. Found this at Target.

The McFarlane NFL 2018 Wave 2. Didn't find the whole set but found the Tom Brady exclusive.

Found Series 2 of Last Jedi Black Series figures, as well as the exclusive Inferno Squadron TIE Pilot. Also found some 40th Anniversary R2D2s. I already had these, but grabbed one for a friend who was looking for it. And found my first Tusken Raider in the wild. Had not seen this guy before.


  1. And you got out,which is so important to do ,especially nowadays with internet keeping us all glued to our screens.