Monday, May 14, 2018

Once Bitten

For years, I resisted the call of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World toys. They looked so cool but I just didn't have space. Once I saw the Mosasaurus, I admitted defeat. These toys are really cool. The new movie - Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom looks awesome. I am mostly interested because they show some of the other dinosaurs besides the meat-a-sauruses (T-Rex, raptors). My favorites were always the Stegosauras and Triceratops.

Anyway, once I was bitten by these awesome toys from Mattel, I went all in. Sad that Hasbro lost this license but like so many other properties, they seem to have mismanaged it.

Keeping my eye out for the Malcolm and Ellie figures from the Legacy line (only at Target).


  1. You have almost the same collection as me to this point! I'm BlueSaber on the forums btw

    1. Awesome - nice to meet you. This is a fun line to collect. Looking forward to the movie.