Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Post 1001 - My Favorites from the First Year - 2009

As I briefly mentioned in the last post, I was planning something fun for my 1000th blog post but it snuck up on me. Been very busy with work - haven't posted much in the last two months.

Anyway - post 1000 came and went, so for post 1001, I was going to put my Top 10 favorite posts of all time. As I started with the year 2009, it became obvious that paring it down would be hard to do. So in honor of the first year, here are my 10 favorite posts from 2009.

Post #1 - How it all started - Obviously the first post.

Marvel Legends Puzzle - The first custom puzzle I did with my collection of Marvel Legends figures. Who knew that line would continue to this day in such a strong manner.

Lord of the Rings - Battle of Pelennor Fields - My favorite scene from Return of the King. Wish ToyBiz would have made more ghost army figures.

Original X-Men Versus Sentinels - The ToyBiz Original X-Men five pack was a masterpiece. The Build-A-Figure Marvel Legends Sentinels were awesome. Combine them with a vintage Girder and Panel building for the background.  So much fun.

Revenge of the Sith - Galactic Marines - I loved the design of the Galactic Marines from Revenge of the Sith. So I built an army of them.

World War III - If you haven't seen this television mini-series from 1982, you can purchase on Amazon now. World War III DVD - Best of the Cold War.

300 - Can't believe I sold all these figures off. Should have bought about 290 more of them.

If You Want Him, Come and Claim Him - Took this photo at a nearby creek, almost dipping the camera into the water.

Wolverine and the Hand Ninjas - An homage to the original Wolverine Limited Series from Marvel in 1982.

GI Joe Combat Heroes - Nothing special, but somehow, I love how this photo turned out.

Looking forward to another 1000 posts. Thanks for reading. Appreciate it.

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  1. Congrats! I passed 1,000 posts 20 posts ago and didn't even notice.