Friday, October 18, 2013

Insomnia Post #1 - Walking Dead TV Series 4

Ugh! Been up since 1:30 AM. No idea why. At 4:15, figured I would do something productive.

So here goes some postings.

First up - McFarlane's TV Series 4 figures. These just keep getting better. Finally, some iconic figures released as well as some bad ass riot gear zombies from the prison. As a special surprise, they re-released the Series 2 Rick with a slightly different head paint...head sculpt would have been better with thicker beard but oh well. The re-release Rick was sold at Walgreens and a few other special retailers. It was a nice surprise. Also nice was they released Series 4 at Walgreens a few weeks before other retailers got them.

So series 4 includes Rick, the Governor (with switchable eye patch head), Carl Grimes, Andrea, Riot Gear Zombie, and Riot Gear Zombie with gas mask.

One minor complaint - I can't get Andrea to hold her rifle.

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