Friday, October 18, 2013

Insomnia Post #3 - Gentle Giant Walking Dead "Army Men" Character Figures

I always loved the Marx, Barzso, Conte, and TSSD a kid, as an adult. The only thing that bums me out is the lack of licenses for current "army men" style playsets. Treehouse released an awesome group of Aliens figures, including a atmosphere processor playset and a bunch of swarm packs that came with Aliens, Marines, equipment, and eggs.

But since then, only Gentle Giant has braved the licensing world of 54mm army men style toys with Gentle Giant. They released a Michonne and pet walker set at SDCC 2012. Then they released two 7 packs of zombies, with the molds coming in green or brown. They re-released one of the zombie molds in blue, spattered in blood at SDCC 2013 which represented prison figures from Season 3 and the prison story arc from the comic book.

But they also had three figure sets as an SDCC exclusive with main character figures. These three sets included Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes with machine gun, and Negan from the comic book. Each character figure comes with a zombie figure. The Carl Grimes figure comes with a female zombie and Negan comes with his baseball bat, "Lucille."

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