Friday, October 18, 2013

Insomia Post #4 - Disney Muppets Star Wars

Went to a business conference in Orlando a few weeks ago. One night, the conference attendees were able to visit Disney Hollywood Studios for the evening. Free food and booze everywhere. Finally got to see the Star Tours show. It was pretty cool.

I've always been a fan of Star Wars (duh!) and the Muppets so couldn't pass up these great figures.

The photos aren't the greatest. Had to take them on my cell phone in the hotel room. Simply wasn't room in my luggage to bring these home packaged. Next time, will take advantage of Disney parks shipping your goodies home directly.


  1. I was just there about a week and a half ago! I kinda liked the Animal Fett but I HAD to get the Uncle Deadly Emperor. I love Uncle Deadly!!

  2. Uncle Deadly is great. Definitely like the Boba Animal and Scooter Lando. Ordered Han/Chewie via ebay to round out the collection.