Friday, October 18, 2013

Insomnia Post #2 - Funko Walking Dead Minifigs

As you can tell, I love all things Walking Dead. Picked up a case of the new Funko minifigs. They stand about two inches tall. Hard vinyl. Fun to look at and collect. There are a couple of short packed figures. Bloody Daryl, riot gear zombie, and the glow in the dark versions of the Well Zombie and RV Zombie from TV Season 2.

The case has 24 blind packs. Got a lot of doubles. My local comic shop does trades so will try and swap some out.

Looking forward to Series 2...odd that Series 1 didn't have Rick or Michonne, but hoping this line goes for awhile.

Case Top

Case Side

 Case Top - Open
 Blind Pack Side 1
 Blind Pack Side 2
 Blind Pack Side 3 - Checklist
 Blind Pack Side 4
 Bicycle Girl - Bloody
 Season 1 Opening Zombie Girl
 Glow in the Dark RV Zombie - Season 2
 Well Zombie - Season 2
 Merle Dixon - Season 3 - Bloody Variant
 Daryl Dixon 
 RV Zombie - Season 2
 Prisoner Zombie - Season 3
 Atlanta Bus Zombie - Season 1- Bloody Variant
 Merle Dixon - Season 3
 Atlanta Bus Zombie - Season 1

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