Sunday, September 4, 2016

Super7 Exclusive Alien "Kenner style" Vinyl Collector Case

The Kenner Star Wars carrying cases, with their awesome artwork, were essential to Kenner Star Wars fans from the earliest days. In honor of those great cases and artwork, Super7 (the guys who started the ReAction figure line) released an exclusive vinyl carrying case for their Alien figures.

The vinyl cover is blue, has great artwork, and the figure trays are much deeper than their Star Wars original counterparts. The case is much larger, obviously, with the bigger trays. The case also includes a glow in the dark exclusive alien.

I wish Super7/Funko would make more of these with great artwork that would include Pulp Fiction, 5th Element, and Breaking Bad. Serious awesomeness right there!


  1. Insane! Never seen this before. Back in the days I own 3 of those great Kenner case.

    1. still has them for sale - $45 - comes with the exclusive glow in the dark alien, though i haven't tried it yet.