Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Toy Soldiers of San Diego - Vietnam Figures - Finally

Check out any toy soldier company or dealer and you have most wars covered well up until World War II. Plenty of Civil War, World War II, Romans and Barbarians, Cowboys and Indians, and everything in between. Armies in Plastic did some nice modern Marines which I appreciate.

But no one has taken the jump into the conflicts between World War II and the War on Terror, specifically the Korean War and the Vietnam War.  Toy Soldiers of San Diego released some awesome Korean War Chinese figures and their long overcoat WWII Marines fit in well as Korean War Marines. John Stengel - the Marx Man - had advertised a brand new set of Vietnam figures and sold a few, but delays and eventual cease in production left many collectors wanting.

TSSD has finally filled the void with some awesome Vietnam Marines and NVA Regulars. A large Vietnam era playset is also in the works and should be previewed at the Toy Soldier Show of Chicago in a few weeks.

Each figure is expertly sculpted with modern era weapons and equipment, including M16s, M60s, AK47s and RPGs.

Each bag costs $22 and comes with 8 poses, 2 each for a total of 16 figures.



I am looking forward to the huge playset that they will be announcing soon.

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