Tuesday, February 17, 2015

FAIRly Satisfied (Toy Fair 2015)

Originally, I was going to title this post - More than FAIRly Satisfied because of the great leaks prior to the show that got me excited.

Even before Toy Fair 2015 started, a few companies leaked some images and blurbs on the upcoming year.

Right off the bat, Funko shared their 6 Inch Rocketeer and Firefly figures. Booyah!

Funko/Super7 showed some of their Classic Star Trek ReAction figures - Spock, Sulu, Bones, Uhuru.

Bif Bang Pow showed off their 1980s styled Flash Gordon 3-3/4" figues.

So I thought this was going to be an awesome Toy Fair. But it wasn't. More on that later.

Day 1 started well. Super7/Funko displayed many of their 2015 ReAction Figures.


Photo from Borg.com 

Photo from Sciencefiction.com 

Photo from Borg.com

Jaws - Cooper, Brody, Quint, and the Shark!
Karate Kid
Fifth Element - most excited for this.
Terminator 2
Boondock Saints
Big Trouble in Little China
Breaking Bad
Taxi Driver

Though not displayed, BigBadToyStore had most of these up on preorder, including Fight Club figures.

McFarlane showed off a ton of new Walking Dead building sets including – prison cell block, RV, boiler room, Woodsbury Truck, Hospital. They also revealed the Series 8 AMC lineup which includes Rick, Dale, Eugene, Bob Stookey, and Morgan. There is also a Morgan/female zombie 2-pack coming.

NECA showed off the Aliens Power Loader and a torn in half Bishop.

And that was about it. 

Hasbro Marvel Legends - lots shown; however, I now take that with a grain of salt because half (if not more) of them never make it to market, so I don't get excited until I actually see them.

No Star Wars from Hasbro other than a few 6" Black Series we already know about. Hasbro is keeping things close to the vest this year, especially with the Force Awakens movie coming in December.

Trying to do a search for new Call of Duty Megabloks sets, I did find this on ToyArk:

As long as there are more CoD zombie sets, I am happy.

Bif Bang Pow showed off their Flash Gordon and KISS 3-3/4" figures along with some prototypes of the Big Bang Theory characters in Star Trek outfits.

Bottom line- Funko/Super7 stole the show. My wallet is open for them.

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