Tuesday, February 10, 2015

NECA Gremlins

I recently watched the movie Gremlins with my daughter. It has been decades since I saw it. It's funnier than I remember. It's scarier than I remember, especially the kitchen scene where mom, Lynn Peltzer (played by actress Francis Lee McCain) kills a few of the Gremlins in the kitchen after they first hatch. She uses a variety of tools - blender, butcher knife, microwave.

Anyway, NECA released several series of Mogwai and Gremlins. In this posting, I will just show some of the Mogwai figures. Amazingly, these are still being made. Series 7 is due out in a few months, though NECA stated this will likely be the last. Too bad, because they listed some great Gremlins as future releases, many of them coming from Gremlins 2.

The sculpting and detailing of these figures are fantastic. The eyes also roll with a mechanism in the back of the head for each Mogwai.

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