Thursday, February 19, 2015

Star Wars Command

Hasbro released some great 54mm Star Wars figures. The scale is perfectly aligned with the standard "Little Green Army Man" figures found in most Five and Dime stores. Do they still have those?

Anyway, these figures are really cool. They've released quite a variety. The sets come in $5 packs, $10 packs, and larger box sets that contain vehicles. I am not a fan of the vehicles because obviously they are not to scale. You can put the vehicles on rolling stands and have battles with them, so I guess that will lure younger fans.

The sculpts are well done. The plastic is solid. Each set comes with a specially colored main character figure. The only complaint is that most of the poses are not combat action poses. The stormtroopers came out great. You can definitely build an fighting army out of those. The Hoth rebels and snowtroopers are pretty darn good as well.

I finally un-packaged these and took a closer look.

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