Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cases for ReAction Figures

The hard plastic trays and vinyl case that secured many a Star Wars Kenner action figure in the past are greatly needed in today's 3-3/4 inch collecting world. The only thing that was recommended were these Plano 2-3700 Prolatch Stowaway cases that I ordered off Amazon. A four pack of cases ran $26 and each could hold 12 figures. Unfortunately, there is some debate on the message boards on whether the soft plastic can degrade the paint and plastic of the figures. Perhaps several collectors have used these on Kenner Star Wars figures and seen that happen. I hope not.

In the meantime, they are a great way to store and display your ReAction, Big Bang Pow, and Zica figures.


  1. For years I have been using cabinets made to store shop items like screws and drill bits that I bought on clearance at kmart long ago. Each cabinet has 30 perfectly sized drawers and I have never seen any harm come to the figures inside.They are almost exactly like this : http://3.imimg.com/data3/GW/LP/FCP-2138914/yahoo_site_admin-assets-images-component1_1-10185227_std-250x250.jpg
    They can be found for around $10 these days.

  2. Awesome. I had looked for those in the past and couldn't find anything. Thanks!

  3. Thanks, Brother Midnight. That will help greatly.