Saturday, February 28, 2015

McFarlane Walking Dead Repacks

McFarlane knows how to keep it's Walking Dead action figures fans opening their wallets, especially the insufferable amount of time that goes between series releases. In this case, with the help of Walgreens, which is quickly putting a stake in the ground for toy exclusives, McFarlane released several repacks which included Michonne from Season 3, the RV Zombie from Season 2, and a Daryl Dixon figure.

I didn't get the RV Zombie - there really wasn't anything different about it. What was cool about the Michonne figure was that it came with an aquarium that contained the heads of her two zombie pets - boyfriend and his friend, Mike and Terry. The back of the packaging also gives a shadowy hint of who is coming in Series 6.

The Daryl Dixon figure was cheered because it was the first single figure released since Series 1, when people didn't know much about the show. Daryl, having climbed to the top of the fan favorite pedestal (Kill Daryl and We Riot) was released in a two pack with brother Merle a year or two ago. That Series 1 figure also commands secondary prices around $200.

The Shane figure comes with a new head sculpt in that he is wearing a Police Department cap instead of his bald head which came with the Series 2 set. It is a very static piece. It would be great if McFarlane eventually went back and redid a Shane sculpt that fit in with the rest.

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