Sunday, February 8, 2015

Star Wars Hot Wheels Part 3

Two new cars and two new 2-Packs have hit the stores as of late. The two new individual cars are Darth Maul and Stormtrooper. While we saw the Stormtrooper in the Target exclusive 5-Pack, this version is clean.

The C3PO golden van is pretty cool and the hot rod Han Solo is perfect for the character. The R2-D2 in the two pack is dirty from the Tatooine dust and sand. I didn't notice any difference in the Chewbacca vehicle.

Once again, looking forward to what the future holds. Hopefully we'll see some new stuff during Toy Fair.

My wishlist? Princess Leia, Ben Kenobi, Jawas, Lando, something Hoth, Boba Fett, and Admiral Ackbar. I can't even imagine what they will come up with.

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