Tuesday, February 2, 2016


If you haven't seen Big Bang Theory you're missing out. If you haven't seen Big Bang Theory and you read blogs like this, something is quite wrong. A hysterical sitcom with plenty of pop culture references, the show follows the tale of 4 scientist friends (Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard), their hot apartment neighbor Penny, and later, two great girls (Bernadette and Amy Farrah Fowler) as the love interests of Howard and Sheldon respectively.

Bif Bang Pow finally released the full set, after offering a Sheldon exclusive at a Comic-Con so long ago, I can't remember. The figures are decent - some of the sculpting of the glasses seems off (but those have to be pretty hard to do right) and the paint applications aren't the greatest. Originally, it was rumored these were to have elbow and knee joints but all the figures are 5POA.

Another comic-con exclusive was the Sheldon - Stuart 2 Pack. Stewart owns the comic book shop where the dudes hang out.  Each card folds out to be a piece of iconic scenery from the show, mostly their apartments. I'll take photos of those some other time. In total, six Sheldon's have been released with different shirts, most of them of DC super heroes (Batman, Superman, Hawkman, Flash).

Rumors of additional series including Star Trek costumes are in the works. Hopefully, sales will help bring those to fruition.

Sheldon and Stuart 2 Pack


Attack of the Clones

or One Sheldon is Enough

The Cast

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