Monday, February 15, 2016

Marvel Legends - Captain America - Red Skull Onslaught Build a Figure

I'm working on a write up on how much Toy Fair 2016 disappointed me, but then this post is going to be a complete contradiction. Why? Because Marvel Legends has been able to do something other companies haven't - keep a steady lineup and give us some obscure characters. And we have to buy them if we want to complete the Build-A-Figure character. Genius. Half these Marvel Legends characters...I have never heard of.

Anyway, this latest series includes Captain America (with Werewolf Head), Mockingbird, and Sharon Carter. It also comes with four villains, most of them very obscure. I've heard of Taskmaster and I know Cottonmouth has been around for awhile. But who the heck is Whirlwind and Demolition Man? It doesn't matter. They rock.

Of course, the $22 price point of each helps make a profit. No profit, no new characters. So here you go - Hasbro's Marvels Legends - keeps me happy.

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