Tuesday, February 16, 2016

ReAction Alien 3 Pack and Alien Playset

Super 7 and ReAction had released the Alien Egg Chamber playset last year. It was a great homage to the Kenner Star Wars playsets of yesteryear - with a plastic base and cardboard background similar to the Kenner Land of the Jawas and Hoth Battle playsets.

This year, Super 7 released a three pack of the astronauts in Alien that go to the derelict spacecraft. These astronauts include Kane, Dallas and Lambert. An earlier Kane was released in the first Alien series in a tan outfit. The new Kane is in the more movie-accurate yellow suit. Dallas is in a pink suit and Lambert is in a blue suit.

Unfortunately, based on recent reports from Super 7, there won't be anymore Alien figures. So, looks like we'll never see Parker and Brent, and Lambert in regular uniform. Too bad.

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