Friday, August 5, 2016

DC Multiverse Suicide Squad - And. Here. We. Go!

Soooooooo, Suicide Squad opens in theaters today. Well, it probably opened late last night, but today is the official opening day. I've watched the trailers 100 times. I think Margot Robbie should earn an Oscar just for her work in the trailers.

Anyway, the first series and variants of the movie characters came out a few weeks ago including Deadshot, two versions of Harley Quinn, Batman, one Joker, a Walmart exclusive Diablo and Rick Flagg, a build a figure Killer Croc. There are actually two versions of Killer Croc based on the different series and variants. To keep track of all the variants, take a look at Daniel Pickett's great write up: Everything You Need to Know about Mattel's Multiverse Suicide Squad

Series 2 Katana and Boomerang and another Joker haven't been released yet. I am looking forward to completing the set in order to build both Crocs and of course, build some dioramas.

In the meantime, enjoy the packaged items and enjoy the movie. I have a feeling this will be DC's finest hour.

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