Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My Holy Grail - The Dragon Cyber-Hobby Saving Private Ryan Set

This is what drives me nuts with collecting toys. I don't collect for investments sake. If the value goes up, great. If not, whatevs. However, it really torques me when I decide not to collect something I really like, then it disappears, and it is impossible to find, and then you pay high prices for it.

This happened with the Dragon 1/6th scale "Saving Private Ryan" figures. Of course, due to copywrite laws, they weren't called Saving Private Ryan figures, and the names were changed slightly. Most of the head sculpts are right on the money though. Most of them.

Anyway, I eyed these for years and always hesitated. I'll get them someday. They sat on online store inventories forever. Then one day they were gone. No worries. I'll head over to Ebay. Non-existent!!!! All of them except Mickey.

So it was only a few months ago that someone had the entire set of six for sale together on Ebay. We negotiated the Buy It Now price. I think I got them at a fair price. Glad to finally have this set. Same thing happened with the Sideshow "Platoon" figures.

Cappy - Private Caparzo - Vin Diesel

Captain Mill - Captain John Miller - Tom Hanks

Jim - Private James Ryan - Matt Damon

This is one headsculpt that doesn't look right. Maybe Matt has the most lawyers.

Danny - Private Daniel Jackson - Barry Pepper

Mickey - SSG Mike Horvath - Tom Sizemore

Richie - Private Reiban - Edward Burns


  1. Wow, those are some serious licensing violations, but I love them! That Vin Diesel sculpt is pretty great.

    1. Yes, amazing what they can get away with but kind of cool they are available. Still wish Hasbro would have released that Captain Miller they had a prototype of.