Sunday, August 7, 2016

NECA ALIEN 3 Figures

Many people HATE the movie Alien 3. Spoiler Alert - Hicks and Newt die at the start. Boooooo!

However, I remember first seeing it in the theaters in 1992, six years after Aliens, and besides the above spoiler alert, I liked it. And then I liked it even more as I saw it more often. It's one of those movies that can grow on you. Sigourney Weaver was fantastic as always, and her relationship with Dillon (Charles Dutton) and Clemens (Charles Dance) were awesome. Some of the other characters were fun to watch as well - Morse, Superintendent Andrews and Aaron.

NECA and McFarlane Toys has given us the dog alien before, but never any of the characters. So finally, we have bald Ripley and some Weyland-Yutani commandos. If we ever get a Dillon and Clemens, that would rock. But the Alien3 haters are a large group, and it is unlikely.

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