Monday, August 15, 2016

The ReAction and Bif Bang Pow Collection - A 3-3/4 Inch Renaissance

When Super7 announced their ReAction line a few years ago, collectors were pumped. Starting with the recreation of the prototype Kenner Alien figures from the late 70s, the teams at Super7 and Funko came out with two years of awesomeness, creating "vintage, retro, Kenner-like" figures of properties as diverse as Goonies and Pulp Fiction. Personally, I loved them all.

Along with Super7/Funko, the company Bif Bang Pow has also done some great work with properties such as Twilight Zone and Big Bang Theory.

I've been storing these figures in Planko boxes purchased on Amazon. So far, the collection is growing nicely, even though Super7 and Funko have slowed down production due to weaker than expected sales. So many more great properties to do.

What's your favorite?


  1. Holy cow, that's a lot of figures!

    1. Thanks Dex. Despite the extreme slow down of the line and the immense wish lists of collectors, Super7/Funko gave us well over 200 figures in about two years. With Bif Bang Pow and others, there's another 70. Pretty impressive. If only they would do Aliens, Red Dawn, and Tombstone - then I would be content. :-)