Saturday, April 2, 2016

B is for Battleground

You thought I would go for something easy on this Blogging from A to Z Challenge like Boba Fett. I could probably do the entire A to Z challenge using Star Wars, but that would be too easy.

For the letter B, I chose Marx Toys "Battleground" Playset. I never had this as a kid, but gave it to a friend for his 9th birthday. I wanted one for myself, but it would be until 30+ years later that I would purchase one for myself. Now the Marx Battleground set came in several versions, with several different box designs, but this is the one I got for my friend and it was the one I wanted.

What I instantly liked about this playset was the accessories. Fallen trees, pontoon bridges, concertina/barbed wire, demolished buildings and bunkers. The vehicles were cool too. There were more for the Allied side than the German.

So without further ado - The Marx BATTLEGROUND!


  1. Wow, I remember playing with these figures as a kid but wasn't aware of the play sets. That one guy getting shot and losing his helmet is pretty intense!

  2. Pretty intense. Seeing KIA Germans and wounded Americans was also amazing. Very realistic. The stretcher team was also cool. I did have the Navarone playset. That was friggin massive. More on that later.