Wednesday, April 13, 2016

K is for Korea

I served in Korea from 1997-1999 as a combat engineer officer in the United States Army.  My dad served in Korea from 1958-1959. I really enjoyed my time there and learned a lot about the country and the military history of the peninsula.

As a collector of 12 inch GI Joes for as long as I can remember, there have been very few Korean War Joes produced. As the war is called the Forgotten War, so too is its representation among collectibles. Fortunately, the Soldiers of the World line that was sold for a very cheap price in bargain big box stores like Walmart and K-Mart had a huge lineup of soldiers from all eras. They were cheaply made and reused a lot of parts, but a lot of uniforms and soldier types and countries were represented.

So I salute the Soldiers of the World line, who didn't forget the Forgotten War.

Finally, many years ago, I was recreating the Korean War Memorial in DC using vintage style Joes. I had the ponchos, weapons and equipment all set up perfectly. And then my cat got into the act.

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