Sunday, April 17, 2016

N is for NECA

We're past the halfway mark on this A to Z blogging challenge. Going to use up this free Sunday to catch up.

If you are an action figure collector, you are probably acquainted well with NECA, which stands for the National Entertainment Collectibles Association. Based in New Jersey, NECA was founded in 1996. They have obtained licenses for a lot of our most endearing movies - Aliens, Terminator, Freddy Krueger, Predator, Pacific Rim, Simpsons, ET, and Gremlins, etc. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

They kick butt with their 6 inch scale articulated figures. For the most part, I have collected their Aliens assortment, picked up a few Predators, and definitely stayed up with their Simpsons Celebrity line, an absolute classic.

NECA is also great with keeping in touch with customers via social media - NECA facebook and NECA Twitter.

Anyway, just a few NECA Aliens to show off their incredible sculpting and paint apps.

And some Simpsons Celebrities.

What's your favorite NECA line?

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  1. I was never able to find a Ripley figure. You must have bought up all the local stock. ;)