Wednesday, April 27, 2016

X is for Xavier

Might as well pay homage to the man who started the X-Men: Professor Charles Xavier. We all know him as the mind-reading, super intelligent, wheelchair blazing, bald professor who seeks out the world's mutants and teaches them to live with their powers among humanity.

Expertly portrayed by Patrick Stewart in the X-Men movies, and then James McAvoy (with hair), the professor has been immortalized by these two fine actors.

Toybiz, Hasbro, and Diamond Select have all made outstanding (and some weird) renditions of the Professor.

The first Professor X figure by Toybiz (1993). 

Marvel Legends with Galactus BAF Head

X-Men Movie figure

And the rest:

This is a weird one. 

This is something new. May have to check this out at 1/6th scale.

Of course, during my Ebay search for Xavier, I found numerous figures of this guy: Xavier Woods
Professional Wrestler - Wonder who would win the matchup?

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