Sunday, April 10, 2016

H is for Helicopters

I didn't have the vision to be an helicopter pilot while in the Army, though I always wished I could have flown a Blackhawk or Apache. For some reason, my daughter has gotten interested in Blackhawks...maybe because of the stories I tell and the books I read, but while on spring break, we went to a local die-cast model shop in Florida, and grabbed these two 1:60 scale helicopters. One is a UH-60 Blackhawk and the other is a CH47 Chinook. UH stands for Utility Helicopter and CH stands for Cargo Helicopter. I have flown in both of these as a soldier, as well as the Kiowa recon helicopter and the Huey.

The details on these small models are excellent, and I like seeing them stood up next to each other on top of my daughter's desk.

This next helicopter is a 1:18 scale Blackhawk from BBI's Elite Force line. This thing is immense - a huge 33 inch toy that blows the GI Joe: A Real American Hero line away.


  1. We were stationed outside of Seoul, Korea back in the mid 80's and I remember watching Blackhawks flying overhead all the time. I still get unreasonably excited to this day when I happen to see one flying around these parts.

  2. Awesome - what a great piece of army hardware. I agree in that anytime I see/hear one, it is exciting to watch.