Monday, April 11, 2016

I is for Indiana

Indiana Jones that is.

Apparently, the fifth movie is in the works. Out - freakin - standing!!! Harrison is really getting up there in age, so hoping his successor is brought in, and that it isn't Shia LaBeouf. I think Bradley Cooper would be a great Indiana Jones.

To honor Indiana, I chose to look at the 12 inch figures that have been released over the last few years by Sideshow and Hasbro. I never did get my hands on the original Kenner figure. Toys McCoy made great figures back in the dark days of no Indiana merchandise.  Hot Toys came out with a great Indiana Jones, including Arab garb from the map room scenes.


  1. You and I might be the only two people who are excited about another Indiana Jones movie. I will gladly watch Harrison Ford as Indy until he has to trade in his helicopter for a Rascal scooter.

    1. Hell yeah. I even liked Crystal Skull. Any Indy movie just presents opportunity for more figures from the Original Trilogy that haven't been made. Unlikely after the Crystal Skull Hasbro debacle, but you can always hope.