Wednesday, April 6, 2016

E is for Ewoks

Hate them or....hate them, George Lucas was a genius when he came up with the Ewoks for the Return of the Jedi.

As much as adults may not stand them, kids love them. My daughter loves Ewoks and they are one of the main connections to the Star Wars franchise which she loves.

Since Disney owns the Star Wars franchise now and has it's entertainment parks filled with Star Wars stuff, this Ewok Celebration basket includes six of the plush Ewoks sold at the parks. Each one is about 9 inches tall and they are all a bunch of fluffy fun.

Included are Wicket, Chief Chirpa, Teebo, Logray, Romba, and Princess Kneesaa. Teebo was always my favorite.

Princess Kneessaa




Chief Chirpa


What would you choose for the letter E?

Cool and Collected chose: E is for Empire Strikes Back and D is for Drinking.

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