Saturday, April 16, 2016

M is for Muppets

I loved the Palisades Muppets series from 2005-2009. Was sad when it ended. Was more sad when I saw all the ones that were on deck that were never made. Was more, more sad when I found out they were working on a Sesame Street series. Series 1 was already prototyped and shopped around. I saw a prototype Ernie on Ebay for the first time a few weeks ago. It was only $7500.

Anyway, Diamond Select just released series 1 of their Select Muppets sets. I was really excited. I was hoping they were the same scale as the Palisades Muppets. Well.....they aren't. But you know what? So what? They still rock.

So it's time to get things started.

Here is the scale comparison between Diamond Select and Palisades. A bummer. But they still rock.

Series 2 will have Waldorf and Statler with their balcony where they can hurl insults all day and night.

Which Muppets would you like to see made as a toy?

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