Tuesday, April 19, 2016

P is for Platoon

The Sideshow Platoon set is one of those sets that I watched and watched and watched, said I would buy one day, hesitated, forgot about it, and then paid premiums years later when they all sold out from Sideshow.

I remember when Taylor, Elias, and Barnes were released. Thought they were pretty cool. Then they released Lerner (Johnny Depp), Red (John McGinley), Rhah and King. Red and King were always my favorite characters and actors in that movie. Wish they would have made some more - Bunny (Kevin Dillon) and Big Harold(Forest Whitaker) would have been cool.

The first three retailed for about $50. I remember the second four retailed for around $80. Values peaked around $300 for Lerner and Red. I didn't pay $300 but didn't pay $80. Still think they were worth it and one of the best sets of 1/6th figures ever.

The Platoon diorama for my fledgling puzzle company was one of my favorites. I took them out to a local park that had a creek and the vegetation and water looked something like Vietnam.

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