Sunday, April 24, 2016

U is for Utah

U is for Utah. More importantly, the Utah Jazz, because how many other toys can you think of when you think Utah. Utah is a great state. Lived there for 2 years. Have family that lives there. If you love the outdoors - hiking and skiing - it is a fantastic place.

Though I am a Chicago fan, I did always respect the Utah Jazz, especially the two NBA Finals in 97 and 98 where the Bulls took on the Jazz. 

The Utah Jazz have had some great players - Stockton and Malone - and have competed fiercely even when they were gone.

McFarlane Toys paid tribute to several Utah Jazz players in their NBA Sports Picks lineups.

So here they are - Stockton, Malone, Kirilenko, Marovich, and Boozer.

John Stockton

Karl Malone 1

Andre Kirilenko (The Russian AK47)

Pistol Pete Maravich - Legends Lineup

Karl Malone 2 - Legends Lineup

Carlos Boozer (the irony of his name doesn't escape me)

What would you have picked for the letter U?

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