Friday, December 18, 2009

Beach-Head, BBQ, Gung-Ho, Roadblock, Scarlett

Vintage G.I. Jigsaw - Shadow Rock

Rise of Cobra - G.I. Joe Combat Heroes - Shadow Rock

G.I. Joe - Rise of Cobra Combat Heroes

G.I. Joe Vintage Combat Heroes

Wolverine versus the Hand Ninjas

Indiana Jones Adventure Heroes

Just for Fun - Oops!

Indy walks into the wrong treasure chamber!

Fighting Evil

World War II Captain America and Bucky fighting the evil Hydra!


No idea what the back-story was with these McFarlane figures, but they were freakin cool!

Cover Girl...

...and her Wolverine!

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. AVP3?

Grunts...Predators...Aliens! Who will survive the crossfire?

Just Blow it Up Jones!

Belloq calls Indiana Jones' bluff as Jones aims a bazooka at the Ark of the Covenant.

Terminator Salvation: Tekcom Squad

Four Hot Toys Kyle Reese uniforms from Terminator, assorted soldiers, and a stack of skulls from some Halloween shop, and you have a glimpse into the soldiers that stood against SkyNet and their Terminators.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Give 'Em Hell 54th!

One of my all time favorite movies is "Glory", the story of the 54th Massachusetts all black regiment during the Civil War starring Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman and Matthew Broderick. I've always been amazed that no 1/6th scale toy soldier company ever did a figure of the historic 54th. I used several Army of the Potomac uniforms, as well as some other custom uniforms, and assorted figures from Hasbro and Cotswold's Elite Brigade.

Brave Rifles Pin Up

My first attempt at drawing a pin-up girl with the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment (3rd ACR) unit insignia tattooed on her arm.

Galactic Marines

A platoon of Galactic Marines from Revenge of the Sith lands planet-side in a Republic Gunship to confront an unseen enemy.

Dangerous Curves

A whole bunch of female action figures.

Maybe Next Year Cubs!

The eternal chant of Cubs fans. Once again, the whole set of McFarlane's Cubs figures with a photo of Wrigley Fields' bleacher bums as the background.

If You Want Him, Come and Claim Him!

Arwen, from the Lord of the Rings, holds a wounded Frodo, and threatens the Ringwraiths. Before being overwhelmed by the nine wraiths, an Elvish chant brings the river to life and washes the wraiths away. This is one of my favorites. The angle of the camera adds a lot with the reflection of the stream.

World War II City Battle

1:18 scale figures from 21st Century, including troops, tanks, and their city sets including Normandy farmhouse, city building, and city center fountain.

Back in Black: Spider-Man versus Venom


This was a fun diorama to do. Took about 10 Leonides figures from the movie "300" - the story of the Spartans versus the Persians. Another 15 or so Immortals and the battle commences. This is the final puzzle along with some photos from different angles.

2nd Infantry Division Engineers in WWII

Winter Pines in Utah

My father, George B., took this photo of a winter scene in mountains of Utah.

World War III - The 1982 TV Mini-Series

Not sure how many people remember this. Back in 1982, at the height of the Cold War, a TV mini-series was aired about a platoon of National Guard soldiers who happen to bump into an infiltrating unit of Soviet pathfinders working to disrupt the Alaskan pipeline. Cut off from the rest of the world due to severe weather, the two forces battle it out. One of the most memorable scenes is the US platoon laying in the spare pipes at a pumping station to set up a jigsaw wall of bullets to stop the Russians. You can occasionally find a VHS copy on Ebay. Rock Hudson plays the President of the United States.

Jedi Temple Invasion

A column of storm troopers from the 501st Regiment enters the Jedi Temple in Revenge of the Sith.

75th Ranger Training

Rangers...the Army's elite commandos. In this diorama, I took two Elite Brigade Ranger instructors from Cotswold Collectibles, and five Joes dressed in 21st Century Toys Ultimate Soldier 75th Ranger Regiment uniforms. Took 'em down to the nearby creek for some "realistic" training and photos.


I collected all seven Sideshow Collectibles Platoon figures...from left to right, King, Red O'Neill, Barnes, Taylor (Charlie Sheen), Elias (Willem Dafoe), SPC Lerner (Johnny Depp), and Rhah. Each one of these figures are now worth well over $200....boxed of course.

Marx Military Academy

Korean War Memorial - Washington DC

19 G.I. Joes in ponchos with equipment to match each statue at the incredible memorial on the National Mall in DC.

Tried some photoshop tricks again, trying to emboss the photo like a base-relief. Turned out OK. One of these days I'll try the puzzle.