Thursday, February 24, 2011

Varsity Blues Custom Action Figure Cards

One of my favorite movies of all time. Varsity Blues - the trials and tribulations of playing high school football in Texas. Great cast. Great entertainment. May have to customize the new 4 inch McFarlane Playmakers and make some actual figures for these cards, but here is what the cards would look like, once again, in the vintage Star Wars style.

Quarterback Jon Moxon

Cheerleader Darcy Sears (Ali Larter)

Quarterback Lance Harbor

Lineman Billy Bob

Running Back Wendell Brown

Coach Bud Kilmer

Wide Receiver Charlie Tweeder

Jules Harbor (Moxon's Girlfriend)

Miss Davis
GT Mustang/Strip Club Playset in the Future?

Nothing else to Say...

Custom Predator Action Figure Cards

Here is another great movie where action figures (6 inch or 3 3/4 inch) would have rocked, including the vintage style Star Wars Kenner carding. McFarlane released 6 inch versions of the Predator, but never the soldiers.

WWII Corsairs

I have never been much of a fan of airplanes, or even the military application of them when it comes to models and toys. I always like the ground pounders. However, something about the F4U Corsair, used by the Navy and Marines in WWII and Korea was pretty cool. 21st Century Toys and BBI both released 1:18 scale Corsairs. Approximately 5 versions were released.

This diorama was taken by hanging the three planes in my garage with fishing line and placing a blue bedsheet behind it. If I had any practice with Photoshop, I would have hid the string, but oh well. Maybe version 2.

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Wolverine and the Hand Ninjas

Inspired by the Wolverine Mini-Series from 1982? 1983? Wolverine travels to Japan to visit his fiance Mariko. There he has to battle the red hand ninjas. While Wolverine has been released in many action figure incarnations, the 6 inch Hand Ninjas that came with the Marvel Legends Nick Fury 2-Pack were an exciting addition to any collection. Grab a few ninjas and put Wolverine to the test.

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Star Wars Prequel - Galactic Heroes

Just an assortment of Galactic Heroes figures from the Star Wars prequel movies.

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My Babies

While ordering my toy diorama puzzles, I made one of my pups, both of which I had to put down the over the last year and a half. :-(

And yes, the boxer is sitting on the shepard husky.

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DC Blackest Night

I've never been a big fan of DC comics, but their Blackest Night story was pretty cool...dead heroes and villians rise from their graves and chaos ensues. It was a great series.

Enter DC Direct's awesome lineup of DC Blackest Night figures. So far 8 series have been released. The Brightest Night follow up figures are on their way.

This photo puzzle includes the dead guys and gals (Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Batman, Superman, Deadman, Terra, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Blackhand. Live heroes and villians include Atroticus, Indigo, Mera, Star Sapphire, Kryb, Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Flash, Blue Atom, San Diego Comic Con exclusive White Lantern Sinestro, Arisia, as well as Green lantern figures Karu-Sil and Katha Tui, and Boodika.

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Battlestar Galactica

Unfortunately this TV series ended. Diamond Select Toys came out with a heck of a lineup. Too bad the last series was changed, then cancelled. Series 5 (?) included Commander Adama, President Roslin, President Baltar, President Adama, and Helena Cain from Razor.

This image converted to a puzzle includes Six, Caprica Six, Gina Inviere, Dualla, Starbuck, Starbuck and Leoben 2-pack, Caprica Boomer, Boomer, Athena, LT Gaeta, Tigh, Kendra Shaw, Hot Dog Costanza, and variations of Helo and Apollo. Add in classic silver and gold Cylons and a newbie Cylon, and you have most of the bases covered.

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Since We Were Talking Earlier About Custom Aliens Figure Cards

How about a chase/variant figure of Ripley from Alien?

McFarlane Washington Capitals Jigsaw Puzzle

Washington DC has become a hockey town! The Caps are the hottest ticket in town and the Raise the Red theme nights are thunderous. In this latest puzzle you have Olaf Kolzig as the goalie, Jaromir Jagr and then 4 red and white variant versions of Alex Ovechkin, the star of the Caps. Since this puzzles creation, McFarlane has also released anothe Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom, and a 12 inch Ovechkin. Another Ovechkin is on the horizon for the start of the 2011-2012 season. As long as it's not against the Blackhawks, hoping the Caps bring home the cup this season.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Custom Aliens Action Figure Cards

I always loved the cards that the vintage Star Wars and Indiana Jones action figures came on. Very happy to see the vintage style return with the new Star Wars figures. I can't stand the card width bubbles you see on most figures now, though that has mostly to do with preventing theft more than anything else. Product packaging can be artwork in itself.

Aliens is one of my favorite movies, so I thought, what if they released 3 3/4" action figures for the Aliens movie on vintage style cards. Here is what I thought they would look like.

Hot Toys released some snap kits of 3 3/4" figures. They didn't come on a card. They came in a 1/6th scale alien egg. The box of 12 included Hicks, Apone, Drake and Ripley. They are very delicate. I broke Hicks into pieces trying to put him together. I put together an alien and used a lot of care, and vaseline, to get the pieces to snap together without breaking them. Wish they would come out with the rest of the Marines.

Ellen Ripley (Advisor)

Newt (Survivor)

Vasquez (Smart Gunner)

Vasquez Card 2 (Smart Gunner)

Spunkmeyer (Dropship Crew Chief)

Van Leuwan (Company Executive) (Peg Warmer)

Hudson (Communications)
Would be great with a voice chip!
"Game Over, Man!"

CPL Hicks

LT Gorman (Platoon Leader)

PVT Frost 1

PVT Frost 2

CPL Ferro (Dropship Pilot)

Drake (Smart Gunner)

CPL Dietrich (Medic)

Private Crowe

Cocooned Woman

Cocooned Burke (Deleted Scene)

Burke (Company Man)

Bishop (Artificial Person)

Ripped in Half Bishop

Gunnery Sergeant Apone