Monday, July 31, 2017

LEGO DC Super Hero Girls

I knew the day was coming when my daughter didn't want to play with toys anymore. We put together a lot of LEGO Friends sets. However, I picked these up and will put them away for a rainy day. Cause you always go back to LEGO.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Marvel Select Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora and Rocket from the Disney Store

Started a new job which happens to be across the street from a large mall that has a Disney Store in it. Checked it out and found new Guardians of the Galaxy figures from Diamond Select. These are only sold at the Disney Store. Have not seen them advertised elsewhere.

This is an awesome set of Gamora in her spacesuit? along with Rocket Raccoon and a whole bunch of added in accessories.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Star Wars Black Series Death Squad Commander Vintage Repaint

The Death Squad Commander was always one of my favorites of the original vintage Kenner Star Wars line. Very happy Hasbro made the entire first 12 lineup as their Black Series 6 inch 40th Anniversary set. But did they have to change the uniform color? 

Anyway, a small bottle of Tamiya Dark Sea Grey paint and a paintbrush, and I have my classic DSC for my 6 inch army.

You be the judge. Grey or black or a trick of the lighting?

Diamond Select Ghostbusters Series 5

So this is the final Ghostbusters series from Diamond Select for the first movie. There is a whole new set of series coming out for the Ghostbusters 2 movie with front of Firehouse diorama display.

These final three are awesomely fun additions to the collection and finishes out the rooftop diorama. They include the Library Ghost, the Undead Taxi Driver, and the Terror Dogs. The Terror Dog comes with two sets of horns to make both dog guardians on the rooftop.

GI Joe HAL and Grand Slam

More photos from my favorite vehicle set from the first series of GI Joe - A Real American Hero. The Heavy Artillery Laser (HAL) with Grand Slam. Here are several HALs with a vintage Grand Slam, the new subscription Grand Slam, and a new version of Flash. The design of this cannon was really neat.  Fit well with futuristic and realistic hardware.