Monday, February 13, 2012

Ambush of the 507th

Many people are familiar with the story of PFC Jessica Lynch, the female POW that was rescued by US Special Forces units in Iraq shortly after the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Lynch's convoy from the 507th Maintenance Company was ambushed in the town of Nasiriyah. Eleven members of the unit were killed; six were taken as POWs (including Lynch) and released later.

In this diorama, up front and center is Specialist Patrick Miller, who was later credited with engaging and killing the most enemy combatants. Around him are SPC Edgar Hernandez, SPC Joseph Hudson, SGT James Riley and SPC Shoshana Johnson.

Miller was awarded the Silver Star for his bravery. PFC Lynch had an biography published named I Am a Soldier Too, and SPC Shoshana Johnson also had a book published called I'm Still Standing: From Captive US Soldier to Free Citizen - My Journey Home. Johnson had been shot in the foot and ankles during the fire fight.


The following soldiers of the 507th were killed in action (KIA):

The following were assigned to the 3rd Forward Support Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division Fort Stewart, Georgia and had fallen back in the march column to assist the 507th in vehicle recovery:

Friday, February 10, 2012

Our War 1:18 Modern Troops

Another accidental find as I was searching for 1:18 military figures on ebaY. This set comes from a new, small company Tieka Toys in China, and features US Army figures from the 101st Airborne. Their uniform and equipment comes from present day conflicts, including the digital camouflage. There are typos (assistant is misspelled) on the packaging. Also, on the back (need photo) there is a shadow figure listed as an enemy combatant. Once again, will never see the light day for obvious reasons.

America's Army Real Heroes

A few years back, a first series of action figures was released based on real military heroes coming from Afghanistan and Iraq. The first set of four was released. A second set was planned but never released. Can't even find these on ebaY.

Revenge of the Jedi

Years after buying a MicroCollection Death Star, I opened it up and took a look. Inside was a nice actual flyer for the release of Revenge of the Jedi....prior to it being changed to Return of the Jedi.

Gears of War - Anya Stroud

Was happy to see NECA finally release Anya Stroud as a Gears of War figure. In this diorama, she does her due diligence with a Lancer and increases the body count.


Rick Grimes thought he had it rough with normal people turning into zombies. Now the DC heroes and villains from Blackest Night jump into the fray.

Walking Dead Part 2

Just a few more set ups from the McFarlane Walking Dead collection.

It's only Mr. Smith from the Old Amusement Park

For those of you that grew up watching Scooby Doo cartoons, you know the episode always ended up with the Mystery Gang pulling the mask off the monster/ghost/zombie and revealing the real person behind the "mystery." Unfortunately in this case, as Velma is ready to "peel off" the mask, the Mystery gang is in for a rude surprise.

McFarlane Walking Dead Diorama

I came late to the Walking Dead party. Once I saw the first season on DVD, I bought the hardcover compilations of all comic books. Intense! Awesome! And I've never, ever been a fan of zombie movies at all. McFarlane just launched two series. One features characters from the comic book. The other from the TV show on AMC. Looking forward to more.