Saturday, October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween - The Walking Dead Trade Paperback Cover Paintings

Long ago, I had posted about the recreation of the Walking Dead trade paperback covers I did in acrylic paint on 11x14 inch canvases (Wow - that was a League of Extraordinary Bloggers post from 2016). Since WD ended a year or so ago, I decided to finish the last six covers. Each of the trade paperbacks had a specific picture of the story arc in that book, but the bottom of each trade paperback had a zombie horde that connected from issue to issue. I was practicing my woeful painting skills by doing just the lower zombie horde and connecting each canvas. So here is the finished (almost) set of 32 cover paintings.

Several need some touch ups and finishing but it does look like a lot of fun all together. Laying them in a row, the paintings stretch 37 feet. I also had a hard time laying them out together on the floor so I could take a photo from above. Eight rows of four across worked the best. This is four rows of eight. 

Now eight rows of four. And yes, cover 32 connects with cover 1.

I started this in June 2014. Finished October 2020. Lots of procrastination in there.

Now what to do with these?  :-0

Friday, October 30, 2020

Twas the Night Before Halloween - Ben Cooper Six Million Dollar Man Costume

I love reading everyone else's awesome blogs about Halloween. I love Halloween, but never got into any of the collectibles. Every year, I go into one of those big box arts and crafts stores and think I'll start building a Lemax village but never do. I have enough storage problems as it is. 

Anyway, when I was in kindergarten, I dressed up as Steve Austin - The Six Million Dollar Man with one of those plastic face and plastic outfit costume sets from Ben Cooper. I have a photo of it somewhere. Every once in awhile, I looked on Ebay but it was either expensive, or just wasn't in the mood. A few weeks ago, I purchased a fully boxed set for less than $20. I'm wearing the mask to our company Halloween "zoom call" party this week. The costume is certainly not going to fit me.

Here it is. Does this give you flashbacks? Did you have a Ben Cooper costume as a kid?

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Mythic Legions - Female Orc Army Builders

 Honestly, never been a big fan of orcs across the mythic fantasy genre, but these female orcs looked so bad ass when they were announced, I had to army build them. The one leader was a specific character (have to find her card again) but the army builders are cool as hell.