Monday, November 30, 2020

The Year of Joe - November

 This month was a light month based on everything else going on. Just one figure, but an important one. 

Straight Arm Cobra Commander. And this guy is in awesome condition. I figured his O-ring had been replaced, but not so sure given the almost zero paint loss. And the price was absolutely fantastic. The seller has a few toys but no Joes. 

This completes all of Series 1. Most are straight arm too, except for Steeler and Clutch.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Treehouse Kids Aliens Playset

Going back to a post I did awhile ago about the Treehouse Kids Aliens Swarm Packs, this is the amazing Aliens playset that was released along with the swarm packs. This is a fantastic playset, harkening back to the days of Marx playsets. It depicts the refinery where the Marines initially go in to find the cocooned colonists. It comes with three levels, ladders, stairs, a backdrop, several Colonial Marines, Aliens, and cargo boxes and eggs.

There are seven Marine poses and four Alien poses. The one alien that doesn't have a stand actually has spikes near his elbows and knees so he can latch onto the railings. Took me awhile to figure out. I wish they made more sets like this but everyone wants articulation these days.  :-)

Saturday, November 28, 2020

NECA Back to the Future - Marty McFly and Tales from Space Marty

Sure, no merchandise for 35 years, then all of the sudden we have to crank out a bunch. Thanks a lot. But, I love it. Back to the Future is a timeless classic (see what I did there?). These NECA figures are so detailed and awesome. Now all we need is a Jennifer Parker....please, please, please. The original Jennifer, not Elizabeth Shue Jennifer, though she was great as well.

I remember Hot Toys releasing a 1/6 scale Marty and Delorean years ago. Wonder what those run for these days? (About $3000).

Unfortunately, I broke Marty's arm off when trying to move it. I was being careful. Doesn't happen too often but ticked it happened with a $30 action figure.