Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Funko Mystery Minis - Supernatural

While picking up some Sci-Fi and Horror Funko Mystery Minis, I got curious about the Supernatural figures. I had never seen the television show - always surfed passed it while checking out channels. But the figures shown had some cool features - angels and demons and freaky things and guys with guns and knives. So I grabbed a couple. They are cool.

Then I went to wikipedia and read about the television show - seemed cool - two brothers who hunt ghosts and demons that come from our urban legends (Windigos and Bloody Mary).

I started watching Season 1 - so far, 7 episodes in, it rocks. The shows been going for 11 seasons - unbelievable! Hopefully that bodes well for future series from Funko.

Sam Winchester

Demon Abbadon





Bloody Dean Winchester Variant

Dean Winchester

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Funko Super7 - ReAction Alien 3 Pack - NY Comic Con Exclusive

Super7 and Funko have knocked it out of the park with their ReAction figures - retro style, 5POA figures covering brands from the 70s to today. The Alien line kicked it off almost two years ago with their retro Kenner Alien line up.

This exclusive Nostromo Crew set from the 2015 New York Comic-Con features a three pack of Dallas, Lambert and Kane in their space suits as they go into the derelict spacecraft, seeking the source of the mysterious beacon that woke them up from deep hyperspace.

The same mold was used as the original Kane figure with different paint colors. The heads are also new sculpts.

It's a great set and still available at the Super7 Online Store for $45.

Still waiting for Parker, Brett and Lambert in crew outfits.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Funko Mystery Minis - Sci Fi Series 2

I loved all the Hasbro Heroes lines - GI Joe Combat Heroes, Star Wars Galactic Heroes, Indiana Jones Adventure Heroes, etc - they were small, cute, fun and collectible.

While these are no longer made - Funko has filled in the gap with some great 2.5 inch vinyl figures including Sci Fi, Walking Dead, Horror and Supernatural.

Sci Fi Series 1 was great and Sci Fi 2 picks up right where it left off. My two favorites are the Alien Queen and Godzilla.