Thursday, December 31, 2020

Happy New Year! The Year of Joe Ends....the Year of ____ Begins....Tomorrow

Well, that was a fun year. I started with four vintage Joes and had a goal to focus on building a collection through 2020. And what a crazy year it's been. It was a nice diversion from the pandemic and politics. 

My goal was to build the collection mostly through local toy stores and shows. Obviously, the pandemic interfered with that plan. I would say the collection was about 50-50. 50% from Ebay and 50% from Tosche Station, Toy Exchange and Eternia Dreams and Collectibles.

For December, I closed out the year at the Toy Exchange in Mount Airy, Maryland and managed to grab Blizzard and Full Dress Gung Ho. Also found some much needed bad guys like Major Bludd, Zartan, Tomax and Xamot, Wild Weasel and Copperhead.

There are still some items I plan to get, but this focus for the year was a lot of fun.

Tune in tomorrow, on New Year's Day, for the new collecting focus for 2021. It will be a blast.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The Toy Exchange in Mount Airy, Maryland

 The last time (and only time) I've been to the Toy Exchange before included an hour drive there (during a monsoon), ten minutes to look around, and an hour drive back. I did it during a long lunch break on a quiet Friday at work. I had no time to really look around.

This time, I went on a Saturday with Matt from Toybox and we took our time. We also ate at a fantastic Mexican restaurant a few doors down.