Saturday, February 29, 2020

The Year of Joe - February 2020

Not a lot of figures this month, but I scored one of my favorite vehicles I never had as a kid, and also a vehicle I need to store my growing collection. I also purchased some file cards on the figures I bought last month.

My favorite vehicle I never had was the Dragonfly helicopter, based on the actual Huey Cobra. From what I can tell, it is complete. It came with the Wild Bill figure too which I was very happy with. Though I need to get his file card. 

The other vehicle was the Amphibious Personnel Carrier (APC) which also doubles as a carrying case.

Finally, I managed to snag a straight arm Hawk with file card. Will need to find the MMS system that Hawk came with.

I purchased all of these at The Toy Exchange in Mount Airy, Maryland - thanks for the heads up Toybox. Unfortunately, it was an hour from work and an hour back so I only had 10 minutes to browse and buy quickly. The price for the Dragonfly was very fair. I overpaid for the APC and Hawk, but that is OK - gotta support your local toy businesses, right?

The Year of JOE - January

I'll post the file cards and the photos from Toy Exchange soon.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Almost Complete Vintage Kenner Star Wars Collection

Displayed in Kenner carrying cases and standing up. Only thing missing is R2D2 with lightsaber.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

GI Joe: ARAH Vintage Vehicle Blueprints

I showed you my original vintage file cards earlier - now here are the blueprints from the vehicles I had as a kid.

Note the three holes punched into the side of each sheet - this is how I kept them in a binder. Also, the added note of the "stolen from Cobra" on the Viper Glider.

I have no idea where the Skyhawk sheet came from. Never had it. Believe I talked some kid into giving it to me at a birthday party because he was just going to throw it away.

Monday, February 24, 2020

My Original Vintage GI Joe File Cards

Though I lost or sold most of my vintage Joes decades ago, somehow I managed to hold onto the original file cards. This is the extent of my collection as a kid. Loved these things.

These were my first three Joes: Short Fuze, Stalker and Snake Eyes.